Monday, August 11, 2008

Dakota's New Family

Last weekend Dakota found her forever home. It was a very exciting day for everyone. Her new mommy drove all the way up to Tampa from South Florida. She brought along her two dogs: Baxter & Bella. Everyone got along well from the moment they all met. Bella was a little timid, but her mom says that's her nature.  Now you see in the photo below, Bella and Dakota are best of friends.

It took quite a few tries to get everyone in one photo, but it finally happened. 
Bella is on the left, then Dakota & her pug brother Baxter. Her new mom tells us that everyone piles in with her at night, she even has a ramp for them to get up on the bed. 

Looks like Bella has come out of her shell. She and Dakota like to run in the back yard and wrestle on the floor. 

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Dakota doing so well and happy! W.J.