Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pugsgiving 2008

Mark your calendars Pug friends, Pugsgiving 2008 is on the way! If you have never been to Pugsgiving it is one of the things you MUST do this fall. It is always a wonderful time for the whole family. Plus, where else can you see a sea of Pugs of all shapes and sizes!? If you go once, I promise you it will become a family tradition. This year Pugsgiving is being held across from Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. There will be plenty of shade and water for your Pugs. With food and games for Pugs and their families. 

Arrive early for door prizes, silent auction, and game sign up. This is where the early Pugs gets the biscuits. Kinda like the early bird gets the worm, only much better. 

See you there!

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